SCIENTEX in one sentence = Proven track record entrepreneurs supporting up to 4 bioentrepreneurs max in parallel.  DOWNLOAD SCIENTEX FACT SHEET : Biopharma Bus Dev & Licensing : 4 reasons to use SCIENTEX : see

Mandated by its clients, Scientex is acting globaly and pragmatically on all aspects of corporate development and corporate finance, and supports them on strategic Intelligence & business communications with specific tools (see databases). As a contract business development organization, the objective of SCIENTEX is to allow its clients to enjoy its track record from science to stock exchange (+100 deals to date) and its network (+38 000 biopharma dealmakers) in order to act in the name and on behalf of them, the most effectively possible at corporate level (see). Scientex's associates aim to save time for its clients , being immediately operational :  Scientex’s associates are structured to be able to work effectively 60% more than the average working time in Europe, see details in our competitivenessLast but not least, working with Scientex will allow you to reduce your labor costs thank to our low cost fees : see details in Pricing

Tim Muller (resume) founded SCIENTEX : his background : 10 years as a private equity investor & 10 years as a corporate developer, both focused on healthcare industry : Tim started his R&D career as a project engineer on radio-pharmaceuticals at AREVA / CEA in 1993, moved as a pharmacochemist for SERVIER laboratories on diabete mellitus & CNS up to pharmaceutical proof of concept & industrial scalability. In 1999, Tim switched to the private equity industry (CDC enterprises & Sofimac Partners) investing in 17 healthcare private companies selected from its 600 life sciences deal flow proactively sourced : 6 companies were acquired by industrials & 4 IPOs, 2 are still private, 5 bankruptcies; generating a double digit IRR . To date, Tim served a "hands on" board member on 23 healthcare companies mainly in Europe. Then, Tim created SCIENTEX in 2006 in order to act as a day to day transition manager in business & corporate development, and M&A (buy & sell side) for small and mid healthcare companies, while he was advising in parallel wealthy individuals on VIX trading & working with private equity funds. Complementary, Tim & Berenice Muller created BIOTECHNEWS, a corporate and financial communication service, targeting up to 500K life sciences investors & industrials including 20% of VP and C-level and board members and 38 000 dealsmakers inside pharma industry.

After +26 corporate development missions in 6 years generating +1Meuros of net profit for Scientex, Tim joined CROSSJECT in 2012 (see profile) during its restart in order to drive the new business & corporate development (see business positioning). Then, after the succesful completion of a 472M$ licensing deal; Tim, in its position of member of the executive board (visit card), led the $6M refinancing closed in june 2013, managed M&A opportunities & engaged the IPO process, successfully oversubscribed 4,4 x in february 2014 (Photo1 & Photo2). Globally, Tim has been involved in 100 corporate and business transactions to date, including 5 IPOs and 9 M&A ( Pharmanetwork article 2014

Berenice Muller, now managing director of SCIENTEX, PharmD (2001) & Master degree in Medtech, is developing Scientex offer’s in business development towards European SME in order to cover deeply the 5EU market, while Tim focuses on international operations for all Scientex's clients. Berenice is also updating SCIENTEX's contact database (+38 000 in pharma/biotech deal makers) and SCIENTEX's intelligence database (+21 000 market studies) : see databases